FL59 Buckingham Airpark West

Buckingham Airpark West South West Florida

What If ...

You could own a hangar house at FL59 Buckingham Airpark West in Florida? Read all about our ideas for FL59. This page is for inspirational purpose. To explore building options and a way to attract interested buyers.

Build your hangar house at FL59


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If you are looking for a home for you, your family and your plane there are several building lots for hanger homes available, starting at $79,900.00 per lot or you can make the lots any size to suit you.
There are some lots that share a small pond, and, corner lots in excellent locations. A short taxi down the road to a new gate with a 60′ opening which will accommodate any size aircraft.
Buckingham Airpark West is situated in South West Florida, about 7 miles east from Fort Myers.
The airpark is a colorful and lively mix for both flying and non-flying lovers who want to enjoy peace and relaxation in this beautiful area. 

At the airport we are offering four different types of hanger houses, with options that suit your lifestyle.

We offer different types of hangar houses
Type VillageApproximately 165m2 – Work 12m x 13,8m
 with house on top + Balustrade
 Starting at € 350.000,=  /  $ 420,000.=
Type PistonApproximately 276m2 – Work 15m x18.4m
 with house on top + Balustrade
 Starting at € 400.000,=  /  $ 480,000.=
Type PropApproximately 414m2 – Work 18m x 23m
 with house on top + Balustrade
 Starting at € 450.000,=  / $ 540,000.=
Type JetApproximately 580m2 – Work 21m x 27,6m
 with house on top + Balustrade
 Starting at € 550.000,=  / $ 660,000.=

Initiate a Project

Are you interested in launching a business, expanding or considering location options? A hanger house can also be a perfect combination of an office and a workspace. Or what to think of a training location and storage.
It could be the future home of the sky diving club or drone school. Lots of opportunities are there, waiting to be discovered. Contact a member of our team or pitch your project below to let us know how we can assist.

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Residential Airpark in South West Florida - Build your hangar home

General Airport Information

Airport TypePrivately Owned
OperatorMcDermott Airparks
ServesSouth West Florida / Fort Myers
LocationLeigh High Acres
Elevation AMSL23 ft / 7 m
Coordinates26°38′36″N 081°42′37″W
Wind IndicatorYes
Runway End Identifier LightsMedium intensity
Air traffic control towerNo
Landing FeeNo


Direction 06/24 14/32
Length 2726 x 400 ft 4046 x 400 ft
Surface Portland cement concrete Portland cement concrete

Make sure you put your name on the list to be the first to receive information about this airpark.