luxury residence


all-in-one design.

Pull out your aircraft from the hangar underneath your home, go flying & return to enjoy the sunset on your balcony,

The Hangar House is a prefab home built by the finest construction company with many years of experience with this kind of utility constructions.

Beautiful pilot-home airport-house hangarhouse from Holland

All project renderings are conceptual only.


Everything you dreamed
of in one gorgeous house!

We offer the hangar house in several versions and seizes. The house can be turn-key ready in a 12 to 16 week time frame. The prefab kit can be shipped anywhere you like. Financing is available.

We deliver Dutch Hangar Houses basic casco but you can make your home as luxurious as you like!


Develop and build Hangar Houses
on your airport


How luxurious would you like it?


Instead of making it your home, you could turn the hangar house into your office.

Luxurious living

Custom design your kitchen, bathroom and add exterior features like a jacuzzi.

Rental Opportunities

Use your hangar house as a B&B for pilots who want to stay for a few days.

Energy Efficient

Zero emission off grid building. You could add a water tank and solar panels.


Hangar Houses Types

Prefab kit starting at  $ 449.000 / € 375.000

Type Village

  • Approximately 1776 sq ft
    Work 39ft x 45ft
  • Approximately 165 m2
    Work 12m x 13,8m
  • With house on top + Balustrade

Type Piston

  • Approximately 2970 sq ft
    Work 49ft x 60ft
  • Approximately 276m2
    Work 15m x18.4m
  • With house on top + Balustrade

Type Prop

  • Approximately 4400 sq ft
    Work 59ft x 75ft
  • Approximately 414m2
    Work 18m x 23m
  • With house on top + Balustrade

Type Jet

  • Approximately 6200 sq ft
    Work 69ft x 90ft
  • Approximately 580m2
    Work 21m x 27,6m
  • With house on top + Balustrade


Investors and

Investing in energy neutral buildings is a great way to redevelop old military airfields or build airpark building communities.


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